Treating Dark Under-Eye Circles

For most people that suffer from dark under-eye circles, no matter how much rest they get, their options are reduced to either concealment, or treatment. Concealing dark eye circle treatments is usually done with makeup; however this is typically not an option for men with dark eye circles. Foundation and concealer are popular options for females to help mask the appearance of dark circles and bags under their eyes. Unfortunately, the skin around the eye is very delicate and thin, making it hard to fully hide particularly dark under-eye circles and bags. For people with sensitive eyes, the use of heavy makeup or concealer might not be an option. For darker-complexioned people, the use of such products to hide dark eye circle treatments may end up drawing more attention to the eye area with lighter artificial coloring from makeup. Even the best cosmetics serve to only hide the problem, not solve it. To fully get rid of the tired and worn-out look that stems from dark under eye circles, treatment is the best option.

Different levels of treatment are needed depending on the cause and degree of dark circles. Some people elect to use surgery to remove unsightly bags from beneath the eyes, but this is a drastic and expensive method. For most people, the usage of proven skin treatment options is a safer, less invasive approach. Clinical studies have demonstrated the skin-building effects of certain polypeptides, among them patented compounds like Matrixyl, Eyeliss, and Haloxyl. Use of these compounds can help remove and reduce the appearance of the tiny blood vessels under the eyes. Inducing greater collagen production by the skin helps to fill out the hollow areas around the orbital bone, and thicker skin helps block some of the “bruise” coloring commonly associated with dark under eye circles that make people appear tired or worn out. Improving hydration and elasticity of the skin around the eyes not only reduces the degree of dark circles, but can help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles that detract from eye appearance. Using high quality patented ingredients like these that are backed by science and clinical studies can have a dramatic effect on looking younger without resorting to surgical techniques.