Dark Circle Treatment

For many people, dark circles and bags under their eyes are one of the most vexing appearance problems. While often a sign of lack of sleep, their appearance can be caused by a variety of factors. Women and men both suffer from the dark bags and circles that are underneath their eyes. This can be caused by stress, age, lack of sleep, sun exposure, and even vitamin deficiencies. Unfortunately, the delicate thin skin underneath the eye is easily damaged, and pooled blood beneath the surface shows easily through the translucent skin in the eye area.

There are limited treatments available for helping to treat this condition, including surgical methods. Some people are genetically more susceptible to the appearance of dark circles, while others do not see them appear until later in life, or only during periods of less sleep or stress. While most standard skin creams and facial moisturizers have little or no effect on dark under-eye circles, there are a few patented ingredients that target dark circles specifically, and have been clinically proven. One such ingredient is Haloxyl, a patented ingredient in high-end dark circle treatments. Haloxyl is a blend of peptides that have anti-inflammatory properties that help absorb and dissipate the pooled blood under the skin, reducing the darkness and “bruising” color commonly associated with dark under eye circles. Haloxyl’s formulation binds with iron in the pooled blood area, making it soluble for elimination by the body. The potent anti-inflammatory effects help reduce the puffiness of eye circles as well.

Another ingredient that can dramatically improve the appearance of dark circles is Matrixyl. Similar to Haloxyl, it uses peptides to improve eye appearance, but works by a different method. Matrixyl uses a synthetic isomer of collagen to stimulate the lower layers of the skin to produce more of their own collagen, filling in wrinkles and restoring elasticity and strength to the delicate skin around the eye area. Creases and wrinkles lose their depth, and fine lines fade away after even short-term usage of Matrixyl. Matrixyl has shown extraordinary results in clinical trials in reducing the appearance of wrinkles without surgery or side effects.